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"There Really Are Programs Your Government Forced The IRS To Create, To Get You An IRS Tax Debt Settlement, But The IRS Tries To Hide Them From You!"

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Stop Garnishments, Remove Levies And Liens And Even 'Unfreeze' Your Bank Account If It's Been Less Than 21 Days - "You Must Act Quickly!"

Get Fast Relief From The Crushing Burden Of IRS Tax Debt, With The 'Unfair Advantage' Of A 'Swat Team' Of Tax Debt Specialists And Seasoned Tax Attorneys On Your Side Fighting For You!

  • Stop Being Bullied By The IRS!
  • End IRS Wage Garnishments!
  • Remove IRS Levies And Liens!
  • Reduce Tax Debt From Up To 40-95 %!
  • All Negotiations Handled FOR You!

IRS Tax Debt Settlement

You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family, To Try For An IRS Tax Debt Settlement, Maybe Even For "Pennies On The Dollar" Using Programs That Really Do Exist!

If you're here you owe the IRS money.

Maybe a lot of money. Maybe it's income tax, maybe it's payroll tax, gift and estate tax or maybe it's corporate taxes.

You can't pay it all. If you could, you would have done it already. You want to do the right thing, but it's not possible right now. The IRS agents are breathing down your neck, and it doesn't seem possible to get them to loosen up. Maybe they've already seized your vehicles, home, filed public tax lien notices and and frozen your bank accounts. Before long, they'll garnish your paycheck, leaving you peanuts for take home pay.

Hi, my name is Wes Edwards, owner of Accelerated Tax Solutions. I'm guessing you're asking yourself 'Is what is said above really true or is it just a lot of hype? Are there really hidden programs that can help me get an IRS tax debt settlement?' I understand because if I were you I'd be asking the same thing. Give me just a few minutes and I'll explain why and how it's possible!

There are programs tailored exactly to your situation that allow us to help you. Some can actually get you an IRS tax debt settlement,  We didn't invent them; the federal government forced the IRS itself to create them for taxpayers who have no other way out.

But... do you think the IRS wants them to be widely known and used? Of course not! Have you heard them mention anything about tax debt settlement programs much? Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen!

They'd rather you just keep forking over 110% of your take home pay till the day you die, that's all. It's all in a day's work for them; it's just a job to them. When they go home, they don't think twice about you or your problems.

Go ahead and pour out your heart to the IRS collections officer. Tell him all about job loss, sicknesses, stock market losses, home value decline, your best intentions, your honesty. Tell him all you want to... but the bottom line is, he is trained to ignore most of what you say and just keep pushing for the money, regardless of what you just told him. It's so frustrating - it's like talking to the wall!

You owe it to yourself to find out if you qualify for an IRS tax debt settlement and how to end the nightmare of IRS collections or late filing/non filing fears.


Ask yourself:

      How will I feel when I finally get a handle on this thing?

       How will it feel to sleep peacefully at night again?

       Why should I keep trying to do this without any help?

       Why not use tax settlement programs already in place?

       Why should others benefit and not me?


Can We Really Help You Get With Tax Debt Problems?

Do you think we would offer financing if we weren't confident we could help you? No way, you wouldn't pay us. On the other hand our success creates grateful clients - ones that are happy to pay us!

Our team has a combined 80 years of experience handling tax problems. Between our owners directors and attorney's we have resolved tax debt problems to the tune of over $180,000,000.

Some of these clients have been very high profile and others just 'normal people' that ran into problems. We'd love to give you references but unfortunately in this business no one will allow that. They just aren't going to make their tax debt problems public. Please call and talk to me though because you'll be able to tell we are an honest professional firm - because we are! We are one of the most reputable firms in the tax resolution industry.

Our tax relief team we have consists of attorney's, CPA's and virtually every type of tax professionals, including skilled IRS tax attorneys that can handle any type of tax debt problem.

Every day, we deal with the hardest cases of tax debt, the ones that most accountants and CPAs throw their hands up in the air and give up on. If I had only one message I could give you as advice, it's this: Don't ignore this problem. Really. Don't. For two reasons.


It Is Vital You Don't Delay Getting Help To Take Advantage Of Tax Relief Programs!

I'm not saying this so you call me and give me your business even though we do want  that. But there is much more to it. The quicker you act the better it is for you! Why? First, delaying creates the impression that you are trying to cheat the IRS. The longer you wait, the more you give them reason to suspect fraud and tax evasion (which are criminal offenses) so the nastier they get! Even if the delay is only due to being paralyzed by fear they don't care.

Second, why delay when you can act and find out the good news that you have more options than almost anyone has told you? You really may qualify for IRS debt settlement or another program. These programs are real and can do you a world of good. Why postpone that relief?

Even if you don't use our company, my advice is still the same - at least use a pro who can navigate the merciless and treacherous waters of the IRS for you.


You Might Be Asking "Can't I Just Negotiate An IRS Tax Settlement By Myself?"

The answer is both yes and no.

You have every right to contact the IRS... but your chances are slim to none.

You can threaten to drag them into court, call them over and over again, sit through endless phone voice messages repeating: Thank you for calling we really, really, totally care about your call, so please, stay on the line for 30 more minutes while we lose the fax you sent us and we can claim you have to start all over again... but in almost every case, you're wasting your time!

It can get so frustrating, you could scream and even that won't do you any good.

Taxpayers who try to negotiate their own IRS tax debt settlements directly, without any representation, usually fail at reaching a meaningful improvement. Even if you 'win', the amount they take off your total is so pathetically small it does you no real good. When we settle tax debts for clients, we sometimes can negotiate a 40-95% reduction, LITERALLY PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

I you need real numbers the statistics for do-it-your-selfers negotiating with the IRS alone are very bleak with a success rate of under 10 percent for a meaningful settlement. Again, when you do have success invariably the amount you negotiate is so small it doesn't really help.

Almost all do-it-yourselfers end up defaulting on their payments because they were bullied into such a bad settlement that they fail again. That means you are much worse off then when you started. Not only do you have your original tax debt, you have it with penalties, interest and now a default penalty on top of that too! The IRS goes back to levying, garnishing etc... all the things that motivated you to negotiate the settlement in the first place. On top of all that, due to the default they are now much less likely to work with you.

When people use us to negotiate IRS tax debt settlements or  payment plans the success rate is up to 90 percent or even more.

Additionally we are averaging IRS tax debt settlement reductions from 30% - 95% in most cases. Do-it-your-selfers only get a small reduction, again, usually under ten percent.

This means that not only does a professional have a much greater chance to negotiate a significant IRS tax debt settlement they can get you a much lower rate and a longer time to pay it too (sometimes so low you can pay it all off for as low as 5 cents on the dollar and just be done with it) so you don't run the risk of defaulting again!

We use the IRS' own programs against them, forcing them into compliance with these very programs they try to hide keeping honest citizens in the dark!

Usually the IRS tax debt settlements we negotiate cover our fee after just a few payments. After that the savings are all gravy. It could actually turn out long-term, that the IRS trying to bully you was the best thing that ever happened to you financially because you end up saving thousands, tens of thousands or even millions depending on your situation!

So can you do your own IRS tax debt settlement? Yes. 'Is it a good idea' to try to settle your own tax debt? is a better question. It probably makes about as much sense as being your own accountant, lawyer or maybe even your child's brain surgeon. Well... you get the idea.


Why Not Just Use Your CPA, That Does Your Books And Taxes, To Negotiate A Tax Settlement?

Don't get me wrong standard CPA's can be very valuable for creating financial reports, audits, filing routine tax returns and general financial advice. That's what they spend 95% of their time doing.

But that's just the problem.

What you need, "tax relief", doesn't fall into any of those categories. It's very different from preparing a routine tax return, which is the bread and butter of most accountant's income.

In other words, in almost every case, your accountant is woefully unprepared to handle negotiating with the IRS. He or she may not know any more than sketchy outlines of these programs. If he does, it may be limited to a seminar held a few years ago at a professional education event for accountants to try to keep them up to date on details of IRS tax debt settlement and other tax relief laws.

The difference is we know every IRS tax relief program there is  - inside and out - we know it well enough to teach the seminars. that they learn from, this is our  ballgame, so to speak. You need help now. You can't afford to wait as your accountant tries to get up to speed on the latest IRS tax debt settlement and other tax relief strategies.

We respect and cooperate with accountants. But unless they do a lot of IRS tax debt settlement and other tax relief work, which most don't, (ask them, they'll admit it) you don't want to use them to settle your tax debt. It's just not what they do!

Settling your tax problems is our bread and butter; you need that level of expertise!

When you contact us by calling 877-660-9047 or by filling in the form above right, this is what you get:

       Free Consultation!

   Rock Solid Success Rate Of 96%!

   40 - 95 % Reduction Of Your IRS tax Debt!

   Financing Available! (almost unheard of)

You are already here on the page, if you think we might be able to help, why delay? Why not call us now, or fill in the form so we can start the process of getting an IRS tax debt settlement or other form of tax help? I don't think there is any one more qualified than us to do it for you, but of course I'm a bit biased. Our record and A rating with the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself though.

But, whatever you do, for your own sake, please, do something! Don't just web-surf! You know how that can go. You could do that 'all night', and still have no action taken, nothing to show for it in the morning. You have us at your fingertips now, if you click away you may not be able to find this page again (it happens) so at least either give us a call or fill out the box an we'll call you. I think you're going to like what we offer and can do for you!

All we ask is for an email address in the form at the upper right but it makes it a lot easier to have your phone number and a time to call that's convenient for you. We are discreet and respect your privacy. You don't have to worry about your private information being used other than to get in touch with you to help you work out  an IRS tax debt settlement or some other form of tax relief.

Wes Edwards

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